Top 5 Mistakes Clients Make

1. Booking Direct To Save Money:

We receive many testimonials from frustrated clients who tried booking models directly, whether through friend “referrals,” a Craigslist ad or skimming through social media accounts. There are several issues with this process:

1. Authenticity. Unless you have met the model for an in-person interview and worked with them previously, you can not predict how the model will present herself in person – both physically as well as their personality and people skills. Booking through a reputable Agency insures the models you book will actually look like their photos, and have the professional experience provided by the Agency. A model can put anything on her resume, and photoshop herself however she likes in photos, but the Agency has actually worked with the models in person.

2. Reliability. A Model is far more likely to complete his or her obligations on a job, arrive on time, wearing the required attire and looking her best – when their valued Agent is involved. It’s easy to burn bridges with one-time Clients who may never use you again, it’s harder to justify burning a bridge with a reputable Agent who may provide a lot of quality bookings.

3. Experience. Quite simply, most Clients do not have much experience booking models for their trade shows, events and shoots. Many of our Clients are first-time Talent bookers, or have used Agencies in the past. When you haven’t booked Talent before, there are sometimes many factors overlooked. Experienced Agents think of all the aspects of a booking so that the Client doesn’t have to. It is very common to hear these words from a Client, “What a great idea to have them bring their____ , or make sure we book models who know how to ____ , I would never have thought of that.” After years in the business, reputable Agents learn from all past mistakes Clients make, and guide future Clients in to taking the appropriate preventive measures in the future. In other words, having someone experienced on your team ensures the booking goes more smoothly and no details unconsidered. 

2. Choosing The First Agency You See On Google:

It is important to remember when searching organically for any business, that FIRST does not mean BEST. There are many outlets for businesses to use to maintain a high ranking on Google. Just because they pay for the ads, have a great SEO team or have been in business for years, does not mean they are the best choice for your brand.
Always do your research – read reviews on Google and Yelp, check out their social media pages ( Facebook for reviews and Instagram for content and community reputation ). Agencies with poor reputations due to lack of professionalism, quality control and poor business ethics are many times the ones who spend the most on Google ranking.
It is ok to reach out to many Agencies and see what clicks. It’s important that your Agent understands your goals and brand image, especially in long-term business relationships.

3. Choosing Your Agency Based On Price Alone:

Price and Cost are two different things – Price is what you pay, the “cost” is time and money spent measurable to the success of your event.
Many companies have strict budgets for their marketing and events, and it is necessary for cost to play a factor in choosing your Agency. If quality, professionalism and reliability is important for your brand, consider the classic saying “you get what you pay for.” Reputable Agencies will generally offer similar competitive rates, standard rates for quality Las Vegas models. There are a lot of bookings in Vegas and models are paid well, which is why so many quality models migrate here for work. If an Agency’s rates are considerably lower than everyone else, you may be receiving less than you paid for. Please always consider paying a fair rate in order to receive a high quality model, who will be punctual and be a great representation for your brand. 

4. Booking Models Based Solely On Looks:

A common mistake Clients will make is choosing their Talent / Models based on photos alone, without inquiring about the Talent’s personality, reliability and past experience. It is important the Talent you book is the right fit for your brand and the task at hand. Always ask the Agent for a brief bio on the Talent you are considering. It is a common testimonial from Clients to complain about beautiful models they’ve booked in the past, who were hired to work a convention and couldn’t carry on a conversation with attendees. Or booked to work a social event and were not engaging with guests. Or were hired to promote a product and were not comfortable giving a sales pitch. Certain Models are great for certain types of bookings but not others, and vice versa. It is important that they are the entire package for that particular booking, which is very important to us as well. 

5. Booking Models From “Friends”:

In Las Vegas especially, it is becoming increasingly common for young models who develop relationships with Clients ( through Agencies ) to attempt booking Models themselves for extra cash. Many times these models / “Agents” do not have their State Business Licenses although it is quite easy to obtain. And those who do obtain their State license, likely do not go through the extensive process of applying for and obtaining their Clark County Regulated Business license. In the state of Nevada and unlike other States, Modeling Agencies are highly regulated. It is ILLEGAL to book Models in the state of Nevada without a government issued Clack County Business License, which requires background checks, a stable non-residential office space and consistent regulation from the county to ensure no illegal activity. 
Models who also “book” on the side many times do not have the proper documentation, required licensing or the proper business knowledge and foundation to properly execute a professional booking. Further, due to the ample cost they likely do not have liability insurance. It is a risk to book Talent through an Agency which does not have their own insurance. 
By hiring “Models” to book additional models for your event, the person(s) risks fines and the Talent hired lacks a professional booking experience. The more non-professional Agents are used, the more our local market decreases in quality and reputable businesses have a harder time flourishing in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. Models & Talent grow used to the casual and laid-back booking processes from non-professional “Agents” which carries over in their behavior with reputable Agencies and creates habits that are harder to break. In any industry, it’s best to leave jobs to the professionals.