New Las Vegas Model Tips


             If you’re an aspiring or experienced model who’s just moved to vegas.. please be aware we are not the same. Vegas is her own animal. The IDGAF look that’s been trendy in LA, NY for as long as we can remember, that does not work here. You’re now competing with models who complete professional quality glam makeup on themselves and invest in quality hair extensions, who watch their alcohol intake and eat clean to meet their health and fitness goals, who grind in the gym 4-6 days a week and it shows. We are not the high fashion city; nor the hipster city; nor the “girl next door” or all-American city. That is not our lane. We are a showgirl city. We are the entertainment capitol. We razzle dazzle  and we shine here. We put in work here. We grind here. We go the extra mile here. It is not “cool” to “not care” here. We aspire to be the best here. We make moves here. Girls who get it, use this city for all she has to offer without allowing her to use them. She is not for the weak and meek.. she is for the fierce and fabulous! In other words, if you’re coming to Vegas on a mission to become a successful professional model with steady revenue at high industry rates, come correct. Pay attention and put in the work. Your ability to adapt along with a focused work ethic will get you farther than your “connections” and status here. 

Disclaimer: This blog written by the team at Legend Models is an OPINION on the subject of what works in the Las Vegas market of the model and entertainment industry.