Model Technology : Photoshop in the Modeling Industry

Are you concerned with photoshop in the modeling industry? So are we. With the overabundance and growing number of photoshop apps and social media filters, you never know if you are really booking the Talent you see in the photo. At Legend Models and Talent, we do our best to provide authenticity.

Photoshop in the Modeling Industry

At Legend Models and Talent, we understand how easy it is to bend the truth by using modern technology and software like Photoshop. For this reason, we do not book any Model or Talent without an in depth interview and audition. After meeting with Talent we determine which bookings they are best suited for based on aspects such as personality and experience. Also, no photos from model submissions are included in portfolios if we feel they are not an accurate representation of the model applying.

Forget About Photoshop – What You See is What You Get

At Legend Models and Talent, customer service and professionalism come first. We happily cover every aspect of the booking request to ensure that you receive the appropriate Models and Talent for your event, photo shoot or convention. Our recruiting process ensures when you book with us, you can book Talent with confidence. Allow us to assist you by providing the highest quality models and dancers in Las Vegas, inquire today.