Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding booking models or talent for your event in Las Vegas.

01. How Far in Advance Should I Book My Services?

We are happy to customize our process per our Client’s needs and deadlines. Of course, the more notice we have the more options you will have more Talent and the more time well have for custom ordering signage and costumes etc. However, we’ve also in many cases been able to complete entire bookings and events in just 24 hours when our Client’s previous plans fell through or adjustments were made.

02. What Form of Payments Do You Accept? Do You Accept Gratuities?

We accept all forms of Credit Card with a 3.5% CC transaction fee.

We also accept company and personal checks no less than 7 business days prior to the booking.

We accept several forms of payment apps including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and CashApp.

We accept cash payments on site for balance payments only.

Our Talent are happy to accept cash gratuities on site, although gratuities are generally only common when booking Model Bartenders, Servers, and Golf Caddies.

03. How Do I Secure My Talent For The Event?

A 50% deposit is due up front in order to confirm your Talent for the booking. The balance is due on the date of the booking, prior to start time.

Deposits are non-refundable should the Client decide to cancel after confirming their Talent and paying their deposit, exceptions would of course be a case of force majeure. In the extremely rare case a Talent has an emergency and needs to cancel, and a suitable acceptable replacement is not approved by the Client, the Client would of course be refunded for the Talent that is no longer available.

04. How Do Your Rates Compare To Other Local Agencies? What Is Your Booking Fee?

We offer very competitive rates and are many times lower than our competition. Our booking fee is a standard 20% Agency fee, with a minimum booking fee of $250-500 depending on the complexity of the booking.

05. How Does Your Booking Process Work? What is Your Value?

In order to proceed with your booking and provide you with a quote we will need the Date, Time(s), Location, Types of Talent Needed, Talent Duties / Expectations, and a general idea of the Wardrobe. 

Once we provide the Proposal and all parties agree, an inquiry will be sent to the Talent Database. The available Talent will be submitted to the Client for selecting and / or approval. Once the Talent is chosen, the Client will be invoiced and a 50% deposit is required in order to secure the Talent.

Your Legend Agent will make sure the Talent is contracted and has all of the information needed to work the event efficiently, and in most cases the Agent will be on site for Talent management and quality control. Exceptions would be in cases where 1 Talent is booked for a short period of time or the Client does not feel it’s necessary to have an Agent present.

Your Legend Agent will think of all aspects of the booking including parking, arrival times, wardrobe, hair & makeup, etc. Back ups will also be in place should any emergencies occur ( emergencies are rare and nearly non-existent ).

More Questions?

Please email us with any questions at info@legendmodelsandtalent.com